How It All Started

Shine is the creation of indie outfit, N3M Northern Music. It all started from an intended one off Leeds event, Shine, held at Bar Seven in October 2011. On the bill were variations of old school DJ's such as DJ Sy, Mark Holliday & Mark Alexander, alongside a K-Klass DJ set featuring a live performance from Bobbi.

The pre-party featured Leeds’ finest indie electro bands including Bridewell Taxis frontman The Mick Roberts Project ft Kelly Dickson, Black Diamond Bay, Utah Saints Keith Langley's outfit Bang Bang Romeo & Remember The Hurricanes formerly The Dharma. The afterparty showcased deep/tech house record labels, Friends Electric, 3am Recordings & ReTweak.

Demand was high and 650 people came as expected and more had to be turned away due to the limited venue size. Realisation of the instant popularity of this new night kicked in and the wheels were in motion for more nights, now to be held at capacity accommodating clubs. Next up was Baby D, on New Year’s Eve 2011. Word spread fast about the nights, the name stuck and a brand was born.

Shine's Name

The title of the night however came from a combination of reasons such as the inspirational 80's illegal raves, Sunrise and Sundance word switch conveniently to sunshine, before shortening to shine. Convenient though, because Leeds band The Sunshine Underground, became key in Shine's brand name.

Here's why, The Sunshine Underground recording their next album were venturing a dance route and were therefore quite keen to head the indie electro stage, of Shine's debut dance event going ahead at the previously booked venue, The Factory (Mint Warehouse). That was until Bingley Music Live offered them an unrefusable festival slot, leaving the disheartened organiser with no other choice than to move the event into a smaller venue, Bar Seven.

Also Shine's founder Micky Reilly, was having a mix and mess around with some house tracks, of which one included 'Let Love Shine' by Amos and it's that constantly stuck track, in Micky's head which brought the decision process to it's abrupt end and finally nailed the original intention, which was to have one good catchy word, for a quality sounding name title.

Now that's the story of how Shine was born!!

Highlights 13/14/15/16

Visit Shine's recent and forthcoming HIGHLIGHTS page basically gaining an insight into what's expected on the night at Shine and also in the run up to things but before you do, please watch the Easter video from April 2014.

Flyers & Posters

Click Here for an album of event flyers and posters, going back through in date order until Shine's 2011 launch with K-Klass at Bar Seven.

Web Event's 

Take a look at recent 'Web Event' pages, the information platforms set up by Shine for each show, holding related links of participating artists social media, websites, videos, music and photos. Also relevant pages include ticket outlets, facebook event plus details on the venue and weekly sometimes daily Shine news.

Everything required kept all up to date showing you how Shine operate throughout the promotional process giving you the best valued ticket bargain any money can buy, especially with Shine's line ups alongside The Warehouse venue, sound and light production.